Monday 21 November 2016

Managing Mental Illness Due To Demonetization

Demonetization move has taken everyone by surprise leading to sleepless nights, fretful days, panic and anxiety. Needless to say, its the mental well being which is being ignored the most  despite being the most crucial element required to be able to deal effectively with the problems at hand. So lets talk about how to take care of this important need.

First of all, try as much as possible to stay in a routine. Well, we cant avoid those long lines or the tension of cash, but besides that, getting up in time, going to work, eating regularly and maintaining sleep habits would help in normalizing the situation. So, avoid sitting at home or staying up all night and worrying about things, its unlikely to change anything.

Secondly, share your concerns & difficulties with someone trustworthy- spouse, partner, friend, father anyone who you believe will listen and help. Just confiding will help in relieving the pressure and might provide you with a different perspective of things.

Thirdly, avoid imagining the worst! So rather than just  evaluating things in your mind and seeing them in extremes, write them down and try to solve them logically, consider the options available, the pros and cons of each and finally attending to each one by one.
Next, Seek professional help if required - Chartered Accountant, Lawyer: anyone who can guide appropriately.

Last of all, stay calm. A calmer mind can plan, judge and execute tasks better. So find time to relax, watch television, meditate a little and spend time in company of loved ones and with time most things will fall into place.

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