Monday 23 January 2017

How to be Happy - From a child's research

I'm a concerned parent of three children.
I am concerned about my children's mental health.
I am concerned about them being at reaction to the world rather than them being at response.
I am concerned about the pressure of being the only person who can teach my children to be emotionally, physically and behaviorally fit.

I thought in 2017 there would be some support. I thought content on the internet through articles and videos would help my children identify ways and means to keep themselves fit. As you know the best way for kids to learn is through exploration, so I let them explore... Their focus was how to make themselves resilient to combat any mental health issues that may creep up.

They went online and this is the information that they found...

In a world that is ripe with abuse towards children there are no measures to empower the child.   

Since the Poddar Foundation is doing some work around Mental health and it's disharmonies, our focus is on empowering children with knowledge and solutions to keep themselves strong emotionally, physically and behaviorally... thus focusing on overall wellness. 

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Additionally, we want to hear your stories on how you keep yourself happy. 
Parents, we want you to ask your children how they keep themselves happy, 
Children, we want you to ask your parents how they keep themselves happy.
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